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    Textile Manufacturers optimize energy consumptions with Makoro™

    December 1, 2019

December 1, 2019 | admin

Textile Manufacturers optimize energy consumptions with Makoro™

Business Challenge

This T&A manufacturer has been faced with long product lead time for fashion items, rising material and labor costs, short product cycles, and reduced profit margins. The advent of fast fashion has put demands on quick production and frequent changes in product orders.

Business Story

Plant-level daily MIS reports including production efficiency, actual production, specific energy consumption per kg of yarn, and waste percentage are manually inspected and decisions made based on them. Reports and dashboards from multiple systems make manual decision-making further complex and time-consuming.

The industrial ecosystem, global sustainable business trends, and the eco-aware-consumer-driven economy are putting pressure on the manufacturer to be more sustainable, innovative, and agile.

The manufacturer does not have sufficient internal resources capable of driving effective and agile digital transformation.

Transformation Story

The T&A manufacturer benefits from simple recommendations delivered by Makoro™ as well as from the built-in capabilities of Makoro™ Mind – the Al platform that powers Makoro™.

The solution works like this:

  •  Makoro™ collects and collates massive volumes of data generated from every system including sensors and servers, and multiple IT systems – the MES system, loT platform, and RFID middleware.
  • Makoro™ further integrates shop floor control with digital sewing machines – unifying data from sewing operators and the sewing machines. It analyzes this data in real-time to make recommendations on improving energy consumption and reducing scrap.
  • Makoro™ rapidly and automatically diagnoses common problems with machines and discovers the root cause within moments, such as the machine operating at faster than optimal speeds leading to frequent needle breaks. Shop floor managers are freed from monitoring machine conditions and spending time troubleshooting problems manually.
  • Makoro™ loT integration helps in identifying weaknesses in the production process, thereby reducing machine downtime. With reduced paperwork and automated data collection, Makoro™ delivers an optimal decision support system for ‘Apparel 4.0.
  • Makoro™ RFID integration further optimizes the Processing Workflow by using RFID tags on different fabric bundles that automatically reconfigure the settings on the sewing machines. This saves an incredible amount of time and effort.

Makoro™ monitors the overall production flow to detect the bottlenecks in the sewing line, increases the agility of the factory, and balances the production line in order to increase the overall productivity.

Makoro™’s recommendations further ensure a predictable production cycle while improving asset uptime, optimizing energy consumption, and reducing waste, thereby reducing costs for users.

Significant process efficiency improvements are achieved across the complete process – weaving, coating, thermosetting, printing, cutting, and final assembly, as well as effective use of skilled manpower.

  • 11% Waste Reduction
  • 5% Energy Savings based on real-time monitoring
  • Accelerated deployment by 8X compared to custom solutions
  • 8% Improvement in Order-to- Delivery times

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