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May 10, 2021

Build agility with Makoro™

Makoro™ AI delivers rapid time to value to asset owners and operators

With today’s levels of uncertainty, ambiguity, volatility in the markets, Operations Agility is critical to the success of any business. It’s essential to be agile and quickly respond to change.  Natural language recommendations from Makoro™ drive workforce adoption and enable faster, better, and transparent decision-making, which in turn enhances operations agility and compliance. In a marketplace where competitors are often quick to match improvements to existing products and services,

Makoro™ gives you the edge through holistic and proactive operations management driven by recommendations, while your competitors are looking at siloed views of operations data in reports and dashboards. Operations Agility also lays the foundation for Strategic Agility that fuels new business models like servitization.

Makoro™ leverages #AppliedArtificialIntelligence in solving transformative problems in the manufacturing supply chain.

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For more information:

web: https://www.codedata.io

email: info@codedata.io

May 4, 2021

Connectivity is not enough, drive value through Continuous Intelligence

ROI calculation is easy with Makoro™ – the simplified, all-inclusive, per-asset-per-month pricing model makes it easy to calculate the return on investment. Unlike traditional asset performance management software, Makoro™ delivers value in days and not in months and years. Our unique Prove-Deploy-Learn-Scale cycle makes it possible.

Big bang adoption of AI technologies always fails. We recommend: start small, connect a few assets, deliver value, drive adoption. Repeat. Makoro™’s Recommendations Dashboard demonstrates value to businesses in real-time, putting them on a journey of continuous improvement.

Yet another important factor in driving digital transformation through AI is workforce adoption, which Makoro™ accelerates through natural language recommendations that are easy to understand and act upon. Connectivity is the first step, but it does not deliver value.

Makoro™ accelerates time to value through continuous intelligence derived from connected assets. Makoro™ leverages #AppliedArtificialIntelligence in solving transformative problems in the manufacturing supply chain.

#MakoroAI #CodeDataIO #PredictiveRecommendations #NaturalLanguageRecommendations #PredictiveAssetManagement #ContinuousIntelligence #Industry40 #SimplifiedROI