Solve real manufacturing challenges with Makoro™

Partner with us, let’s solve problems together. There is plenty of hype around #predictivemanufacturing. Solve some real problems and #makeanimpact with #makoroai.

How do you want to partner with us?

  1. Be an Implementation Partner. Bring industry experience, MAKORO™ expertise and best practices to create impactful experiences that transform our customers’ businesses.
  2. Be a Sales Channel Partner. Partner with our sales team as affiliates, resellers and value-added providers to maximize value for our customers.

  3. Be a Value Added Partner. Provides value added services for MAKORO™ – Support and Training, Build Custom and Marketplace Applications for customers.

Why partner with us?

CONNECT. Join a fun community that loves solving problems. Push customer experience towards total digital transformation. Interact with MAKORO™ experts and other partners. Ask questions, join forums, and explore events.

LEARN. Learn how MAKORO™ uses Artificial intelligence and Advanced Analytics to solve the most pressing problems in manufacturing. Learn about product roadmaps and release timelines. Play with preview releases. Learn about new opportunities.

GROW. Differentiate your company and highlight the expertise of your employees in the industry and in MAKORO™. Lead larger customer implementations. Create success stories. Grow your business by being a part of our customers’ success.

What is in it for you?

  1. Stand out: We offer several levels of MAKORO™ certifications so you can differentiate yourself in the marketplace.
  2. Make impact: PREP – our partner enablement program gives you access to case studies, best practices and the partner portal. Use them to make impact for our customers.

  3. Earn more: Last but not the least earn significant incentives on the value of the sale upon closure. Move up to Platinum if you are either Gold or Silver.
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