Makoro™ offers a simple, all-inclusive, asset-based pricing

Deliver an exceptional customer experience
all the time resulting from a consistent
asset performance.

Makoro™ offers simple, SaaS pricing.
The pricing below is based on the Customer Bring your Own Infrastructure (CBYOI) Model.
Makoro™ Cloud Pricing is available upon request.



Customer and Asset Onboarding
Makoro™ Asset Monitoring
Asset Alerts
Asset Notifications
Basic Support (Upgrade to Gold/Platinum)

$15 /asset/month/user

(billed annually)



Makoro™ Starter
Makoro™ Asset Intelligence
Asset Predictions
Asset Insights
Asset Recommendations
Basic Support (Upgrade to Gold/Platinum)

$26 /asset/month/user

(billed annually)



Makoro™ Intermediate
Makoro™ Intelligent Maintenance
Maintenance Predictions
Maintenance Insights
Maintenance Recommendations
Basic Support (Upgrade to Gold/Platinum)

$52 /asset/month/user

(billed annually)



Makoro™ Advanced
Makoro™ Process Intelligence
Workforce Predictions
Workforce Insights
Workforce Recommendations
Recommendations Dashboard
Basic Support (Upgrade to Gold/Platinum)

$98 /asset/month/user

(billed annually)

Get a personalized price

The pricing illustrations above are indicative of the typical costs for acquiring, deploying, and supporting Makoro™.

Makoro™ pricing is based on a number of factors, including the number and variety of assets, volume and velocity of data, and number and variety of data sources.

As part of our customer engagement process, and to ensure the quality of performance and transparency we offer a detailed customer-specific proposal outlining the full cost of ownership over five years together with a detailed return on investment calculation and customer-specific service level agreement.

Answer a few simple questions and our sales team will
share a personalized quote at no cost to you.