Pandemic & Global Manufacturing Industry

Industry 4.0 is characterized by a connected world. But Covid was a rude awakening – when manufacturers and asset owners/operators discovered the truth about their not-so-nimble operations and not-so-connected supply networks,

Covid intensified market developments that were already underway, although hesitantly.

Globally, we are now seeing a more intense focus on “connected” supply chains. Manufacturers have expanded on the idea of just-in-time production and are now more flexible in their adoption of “agility” in order to respond to market fluctuations, trade policy adjustments, and natural disasters.

Covid has forced manufacturers to reconsider their rigid operations. How do I strengthen the resilience of my supply chain? How will I manage a changing workforce? How do I make the transition from a workforce in which 80 to 90% of employees report to work daily to one that allows for remote work? These are the hard questions manufacturers are challenged with.

Additionally, there is a demographic change in ageing employees and the arrival of a new generation of workers, and manufacturers are attempting to retain the tribal knowledge before it is too late.

Moreover, they are attempting to attract and retain talent by transitioning from analog to digital manufacturing.

What function do artificial intelligence and advanced analytics play in all of this?

Around 15 years ago, the industry asked, “How do we extract more market value from what we’re doing?” Data and networking were instrumental in this initiative. We needed to tie everything together in order to extract the data.

Now we have an abundance of data that we frequently don’t know what to do with, resulting in data paralysis. More than 75-80% of the data that is stashed away is never analyzed.

That is where an artificial intelligence-enabled solution such as Makoro™ comes in.

Manufacturers use Makoro™ to derive insights and recommendations to improve the performance of its products across multiple geographic locations and to fuel newer, servitization-based business models. Owners and operators use Makoro™ to derive predictions, insights. These recommendations are necessary to build intelligent operations and/or manage asset fleets more efficiently.

With Makoro™, recommendations and insights automatically reach the intended workforce personas based on their role and job responsibilities, and become actionable immediately, without the need for data scientists to interpret the results.

This is transformative – data does not travel, and reports and dashboards do not need to be shared. Recommendations/prescriptions travel and automatically become part of your “golden” playbook to build intelligent operations.

Makoro™ builds on Industry 4.0’s networking and data while focusing on augmenting the experience for the Workforce of Tomorrow (WoT). Thereby extending the definition of Industry 4.0 to the workforce and the environment.

Makoro™’s always-on, secure and scalable asset performance solution powered by #AppliedArtificialIntelligence and #PredictiveRecommendations gives you the edge in the fast-paced #Industry40 and drives frontline adoption.

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