Makoro™ – Recommendations to improve productivity

A key success measure in the automotive industry is order-to-delivery (OTD) time. To speed up sales and to lower costs, automotive manufacturers need to reduce OTD. In order to stay competitive, manufacturers must maximize speed, efficiency and quality in how products are developed, assembled and delivered to customers.

MAKORO™ – Predictive and Automatic Recommendations:

MAKORO™ helps automobile manufacturers achieve these objectives. It allows businesses to track and manage assets critical to the performance of the business, thereby supporting optimal performance and maintenance levels. MAKORO™ applications – Line, Care and Force – deliver insights and recommendations automatically and continuously, giving businesses the ability to improve manufacturing line, asset and workforce performance from a unified perspective. By managing both critical assets and human resources closely, companies can significantly reduce process inefficiencies while improving workforce engagement. Having top operational performance can make a huge impact on a company’s bottomline. MAKORO™ helps businesses improve uptime of manufacturing assets,  manage compliance and create competitive advantages.

MAKORO™ Force – for the Workforce of Tomorrow (WoT):

Success of digital transformation in manufacturing and supply chain is centered on workforce training and change management. When it comes to workforce, the real challenge is up-skilling operators and maintenance engineers in the areas of continuous improvement, predictive maintenance and their understanding of how the line operates. For workforce managers the skill shift lies in refocusing their managing efforts from asset management toward proactively managing their workforce. Insights and recommendations from MAKORO™ Force delivers recommendations on continuously improving workforce productivity.

MAKORO™ Tab – Recommendations delivered:

MAKORO™ Tab securely delivers insights and recommendations relevant to connected workers – operators and maintenance engineers – on portable hand-held systems as well as on the web to improve workforce productivity. It allows workers to move freely around the factory floor and focus on other core tasks such as accepting recommendations and completing maintenance requests rather than having to monitor systems and machines. MAKORO™ Tab also allows supervisors and managers to review insights and recommendations on the web, in real time and act upon them instead of poring into reports and dashboards, understand data and make decisions.

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