Deliver rapid time to value. Get up and running quickly and start delivering value in days.

  • Desk 1
    Eliminate operations risk

    Makoro™ combines real-time operations data from assets, processes, and workforce with historical data to eliminate risks in manufacturing operations.

  • Grow revenues without adding to your workforce
    Grow revenues without adding to your workforce

    Drive immediate value to your business without waiting to hire teams of data scientists and data analysts.

  • Discover unexpected asset insights
    Discover unexpected insights

    Obtain hard-to-find operations insights as Makoro™ continuously analyzes data from the edge, enterprise and operational systems.

  • Desk 4
    Improve operations efficiency continuously

    Get more accurate and relevant recommendations as Makoro™ learns from user interactions.

  • Retain tribal knowledge
    Retain tribal knowledge

    Retain tribal knowledge – save onboarding costs and augment the newer workforce frictionlessly.

10-Day Outcome Challenge

Makoro™ uses a simple 5-step process to deliver a business outcome in 10 days.

  • 1


    We sign you up with Makoro™, create a sandbox for you, identify roles and responsibilities and exchange supporting documents (2 days).

  • 2


    We work with your team to identify an asset performance problem, define scope of the challenge and the targeted outcome (3 days).

  • 3


    We work with your team to identify the datasets and the data sources necessary to achieve the outcome; we then prepare the data for analysis

  • 4


    We combine the data with Makoro™’s learning models to deliver the outcome; we iterate as needed to bring the accuracy and relevance. The outcome is delivered via Makoro™ Cloud.

  • 5


    We present the outcome to your team.

  • Always on
    Always on

    Makoro™ is accessible from anywhere, any time; and it keeps delivering recommendations and insights continuously as your data arrives from production lines, supply chain, IIoT devices and enterprise systems.

  • Secure

    Makoro™ uses access management and control, data masking,and state-of-the-art encryption methods for data capture, transfer and storage.

  • Cloud Portable
    Cloud portable

    Makoro™ can be deployed on any cloud provider platform, including multiple provider platforms in a redundant multi-cloud configuration and in your data centers.

  • at scale
    At scale

    Makoro™ delivers true impact when it scales to multiple business units,organizations and locations; start small, drive adoption and move to recommendations and insights at scale, connecting more assets and serving up more users.

Makoro™ improves efficiency and quality of work of skilled operatives, subject matter experts, and executives across the board.

  • engineer
    Engineers and Operators

    Augment skills, achieve consistency and quality in your work with simple, contextual recommendations delivered where you need them when you need them.

  • managers

    Streamline operations workflows with predictive recommendations – reduce unplanned downtime and balance workforce better, lowering costs. Measure compliance and traceability to device level.

  • Executive

    Reduce operating risk while improving efficiency and controlling cost. See impact to business metrics in real-time. Drive innovation through the hierarchy. Correlate asset performance across locations..

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