Switch from manual reactive to
automated predictive asset

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MakoroAI - AI at the core
Connect to any data

Makoro™ connects securely and in a performant manner to your data from operations and enterprise systems virtually in any format and residing anywhere – in devices, in the cloud, in your data centers, in flat files, data lakes, databases and data warehouses.

Continuously discover unexpected insights

Increasingly, the difference between leaders and the rest is the degree to which businesses act on the “unexpected”. Predictive analytics in Makoro™ continuously surfaces unexpected insights and recommendations so resources can be managed proactively and the workforce made more effective.

Eliminate unnecessary alerts

Most systems drown you in streams of notifications that take your time without adding value because you cannot act on them in any way. Makoro™’s advanced analytics means you only act upon specific recommendations that are gleaned from your operations data and are relevant to your job role.

“By 2022, more than half of major new business systems will incorporate continuous intelligence that uses real-time context data to improve decisions.”

Makoro™’s recommendations are delivered continuously and automatically without human intervention.


“Smart Services should integrate the equipment, the processes and the people however most digital innovation seamed to focus on simple apps.”

Makoro™ correlates and analyzes data from all operations and enterprise data sources and recommends solutions that increase asset uptime, lower maintenance costs and increase workforce productivity.