The Magical Number 5

Based on the article here we could argue that the number of objects an average human can hold in working memory is 7 ± 2. Or maybe this number has gone up dramatically in this day and age – I have to remember at least 13 passwords at any point in time, and of different complexities and rules. Not to mention the need to remember which one is needed for what site.

But when we build our systems we stick to the rule of 7 -2. Of course, that number is customizable in our software.

But we would rather side with our magical number 5.

  1. At any time Makoro™ delivers up to 5 insights related to a prediction.
  2. Makoro™ makes 5 recommendations for each metric it tracks and ranks them in descending order of confidence.
  3. Every Makoro™ prediction is associated with the top 5 contributing factors ranked in order of contribution.
  4. When you do a What-if Analysis on a Makoro™ recommendation, Makoro™ displays the top 5 factors that may impact the metric and ranks them in order of descending impact.
  5. That’s enough about examples of 5 in Makoro™.

We like 5 because it keeps analytics simple for our users.

Our users do not have to wade through myriads of data elements, reports, and dashboards to find information. Remember – our way is the way of delivering the Porsche experience? To remain true to delivering an exhilarating driving experience for our customers we keep our insights and recommendations simple, relevant and contextual.

And 5 plays a major role in that effort.

We want to keep it to 5. But keep making 5 better. Learn and make 5 even better.

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