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May 17, 2019 | admin

A Smart Manufacturing architecture

A bottoms-up architecture proposal for #industry40 to simplify OT architecture with #mqtt. It's true OT environments are complex and uses heterogenous systems based on vendor-specific, proprietary technologies. Simplifying these systems using open protocols and standards is an important step towards…
May 12, 2019 | admin

Challenges facing Oil and Gas companies in attracting younger talent

Based on my interest in the future of workforce in #smartmanufacturing: It is harder for oil and gas companies to lure a younger generation workforce which prefer greener, innovative workplaces thereby making an impact on the world through their work. So…
May 11, 2019 | admin

4D Printing for Smart Manufacturing and Supply Network

With #3dprinting (also known as “Additive Manufacturing”) gathering mainstream momentum with #smartmanufacturing, researchers are quietly moving on to  #4dprinting - an extension of 3D printing which uses programmable material technologies that enable 3D-printed parts to transform their shape in response to external stimuli such as…
May 10, 2019 | admin

Absolut use cases of ML in Supply Chain Management

Cheers Absolut! Artisan products can be key differentiators for their manufacturers and as we at #codedataio see more manufacturers going the artisan route, it becomes all the more important to use automation in decision support in order to squeeze out more with…
May 4, 2019 | admin

Ford demonstrates advanced manufacturing

#smartmanufacturing: right here, right now - don't miss the slideshow on Ford's new Advanced Manufacturing Center. Inspired by:
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