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May 17, 2019 | admin

A Smart Manufacturing architecture

A bottoms-up architecture proposal for #industry40 to simplify OT architecture with #mqtt. It's true OT environments are complex and uses heterogenous systems based on vendor-specific, proprietary technologies. Simplifying these systems using open protocols and standards is an important step towards devising an Industry 4.0 architecture. Whether you go top down…
May 12, 2019 | admin

Challenges facing Oil and Gas companies in attracting younger talent

Based on my interest in the future of workforce in #smartmanufacturing: It is harder for oil and gas companies to lure a younger generation workforce which prefer greener, innovative workplaces thereby making an impact on the world through their work. So they are bringing technology to the forefront to attract this…
May 11, 2019 | admin

4D Printing for Smart Manufacturing and Supply Network

With #3dprinting (also known as “Additive Manufacturing”) gathering mainstream momentum with #smartmanufacturing, researchers are quietly moving on to  #4dprinting - an extension of 3D printing which uses programmable material technologies that enable 3D-printed parts to transform their shape in response to external stimuli such as pressure, temperature and humidity. Read on - yet another transformative…
May 10, 2019 | admin

Absolut use cases of ML in Supply Chain Management

Cheers Absolut! Artisan products can be key differentiators for their manufacturers and as we at #codedataio see more manufacturers going the artisan route, it becomes all the more important to use automation in decision support in order to squeeze out more with less. Absolut already had the artisan appeal and the #ml based #supplychainplanning gives them…
May 4, 2019 | admin

Ford demonstrates advanced manufacturing

#smartmanufacturing: right here, right now - don't miss the slideshow on Ford's new Advanced Manufacturing Center. Inspired by: