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February 17, 2019 | admin

Data Driven Decision Making Gets Better

Just came across this article (below) on balancing "reflexive" and "reflective" decision making. Since #codedataio started on #codaai to build it as a recommendation system for business decision making, my interest has always been piqued by decision making models people use in their businesses.…
February 16, 2019 | admin

Do you trust AI to tell you what to eat and what to wear?

Gartner’s research predicted that people increasingly rely on the outcome of AI solutions. By 2022, 30% of consumers in mature markets will rely on AI to decide what they eat, what they wear or where they live, said the analyst…
December 9, 2018 | admin

We are building Porsches here

Do you get this question often - “How frequently will our customers use the analytics tool?”  We do. Our response is: it depends - are you building a Porsche?  We could build a technology stack. We can very well put…
December 8, 2018 | admin

The Magical Number 5

Based on the article here we could argue that the number of objects an average human can hold in working memory is 7 ± 2. Or maybe this number has gone up dramatically in this day and age - I have…
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