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April 14, 2021 | Sam Sur

The changing face of Asset Management

Asset Performance Management
Effectively managing asset performance has been an unrealized opportunity for asset-intensive industries. As a result, industrial downtime caused by equipment and process failure in just about every industry is still causing an ever-increasing and significant impact on manufacturing EBIT, production, and quality. Assets and equipment are not being replaced or maintained…
October 7, 2020 | admin

35% of Manufacturers are Facing Supply Chain Disruptions – This is How You Must Prepare

The unprecedented impact of COVID-19 has proved that to innovate past the post-COVID-19 world, businesses require an ever-increasing velocity and scale of analysis to succeed in the face of unforeseen market shifts. The National Association of Manufacturers released the findings of a survey of manufacturing leaders examining the economic and operational impacts…
October 6, 2020 | admin

5G and IIoT Ushers Disruptive Data-Driven Applications for Manufacturers

The fundamental network structure of #5G, combined with #IIoT will deliver a slew of secure, fast, and reliable data-driven applications for the manufacturing and supply chain. Lower latency, higher capacity, and higher speed in 5G networks mean thousands of more connected devices, resulting in more data and faster ingestion, thereby…
July 31, 2020 | admin

Welcome Enterprise Infotech – our first strategic APAC partner

We are excited to announce the launch of our #newpartnership! CodeData joins hands with Enterprise Infotech based out of Melbourne, Australia, on a Strategic Partnership Alliance for Makoro™ distribution and implementation in APAC. Enterprise Infotech is a digital consultancy focused on providing a platform for new and innovative solutions to customers in the AsiaPacific…
July 27, 2020 | admin

Makoro v0.8.1 Launched

From data to recommendations in minutes. #MakoroAI #ContinuousIntelligence #RecommendationEconomy Talk to us for a demo:
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