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    Auto parts manufacturer optimizes equipment performance with Makoro™

    April 14, 2020

April 14, 2020 | admin

Auto parts manufacturer optimizes equipment performance with Makoro™

Business Challenge

Auto parts manufacturers want to continuously improve asset management programs for critical assets by reducing maintenance costs and improving the visibility of the maintenance process.

Business Story

This auto parts manufacturer has three manufacturing locations – Business Story each using an inventory system, a maintenance system, and two custom applications developed in-house with limited integration between them to manage the performance of manufacturing assets.

Manual interaction with these systems has resulted in process inconsistencies, higher costs, zero visibility and has constrained the company’s asset performance management program. Their maintenance expenditure has been increasing over the last three years, recently reaching 30% of the COGS.

This manufacturer wants to reduce maintenance costs and human errors in the maintenance process, improve visibility initially within a plant location and eventually across all locations.

Transformation Story

The manufacturer benefits from simple recommendations delivered by Makoro™ as well as from the Recommendations dashboard which tracks maintenance metrics and correlates it to recommendations.

The solution works like this:

  • Smart devices and sensors connect to Makoro™ Edge deployed on gateway devices. Gateways in turn connect to Makoro™ Hub to send machine and operations data, such as flow velocity, oil and water temperature, vibration readings, machine working hours, etc.
  • This data is then combined with data from enterprise applications and analyzed using a set of business rules and the predictive, Al-powered algorithms of Makoro™ Mind.
  • When Makoro™ identifies a potential problem, such as a blockage in a filter that requires the attention of an operations manager, it sends notifications and proactively creates maintenance requests, schedules and assigns the requests, and makes recommendations on duration and parts.
  • As users interact with the recommendations, Makoro™ learns and improves from the interaction patterns and over a period of time builds a system where asset maintenance decisions are data-driven, traceable and validated by the customer’s workforce.
  • In the future, the solution will possibly be extended to other locations and can potentially be put on auto-pilot based on reinforced learning capabilities in Makoro™ from this location.

Makoro™ Predictive Asset Performance Management solution continuously and automatically aggregates and correlates data from the manufacturer’s in-house applications, inventory and maintenance management systems and delivers recommendations to optimize the use of assets and workforce while reducing overall maintenance cost.

  • Eliminated complex cloud infrastructure provisioning
  • 10% Reduction in Maintenance Costs
  • Accelerated deployment by 8X compared to custom solutions
  • 100% Process Visibility

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