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Our Story

CodeData's journey started with the goal to simplify advanced analytics and bring its power to business users to driven data-driven decision making. The world has had a gamut of technologies around AI and Advanced Analytics, but the real power of these technologies can only be harnessed when business users can use them to solve real business problems.

And why did I choose manufacturing to start with? The reason is closer to me - at home. My son plays a big motivating role in this story - he wanted factories from all over the world to build toys faster and cheaper so that Santa can get lots of them for him and get them to him way ahead of Christmas. He told me he didn't care where the toys came from as long as he liked them.

And MAKORO was born. MAKORO connects machines, service and workforce in a single unified solution to deliver efficiency in manufacturing processes so innovative products can be built anywhere in the world with better quality, reduced waste and distributed faster to customers globally. Shane's "liking" requirement is about building personalized products - a natural progression towards smarter manufacturing. manufacturing.


Mission. Vision. Values.

codedata Mission:

Combine innovation and execution to deliver cheers to our customers.

codedata Vision:

Use AI and Advanced Analytics technologies to deliver digitally transformative business outcomes to our customers.

codedata Values:


Deliver innovative solutions so our customers make their customers successful.

Intelligence: Learn from experience, adapt and use knowledge. to improve constantly.

Energy: Create positive impact by bringing out the best in us.

Integrity: Build meaningful relationships with employees. partners and customers.


Amitava to head Business Development

Amitava Mukhopadhyay – a 22-year veteran of specialized channel and sales roles in  delivering high growth results and building high […]


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Praveen to head India Office

Praveen Rajendra – head of Advanced Analytics in ServiceMax (and then GE) in India has joined as CodeData’s Director Engineering […]


Leadership Team


Sam Sur

Founder & CEO

At CodeData Sam brings together his decade-long experience in advanced analytics in manufacturing and service management, and more than 20 years of software engineering skills to build MAKORO, the groundbreaking Industrial Recommendation System that will leapfrog manufacturers and industrial asset operators globally to smarter manufacturing. Sam is passionate about simplifying advanced analytics and using it to solve real-world problems.


Sujoy Gupta

Director, Cloud Operations

More than 12 years of experience in enterprise operations architecture, and in architecting and scaling cloud solutions for large enterprises in manufacturing and supply chain.


Prudhvi Kalakota

Director Information Architecture

Prudhvi brings 15 years of leadership and strategy related to sharing business information across  organizations through the identification, definition and analysis of user interactions to deliver the best user experience.


Amitava Mukhopadhyay

Chief Business Development Officer (APAC & ME)

Amitava brings in leadership of more than two decades in IT consulting sales and services and has a proven track record of delivering high growth results and building high performing teams. He has worked with leading organizations like Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, CMC Limited (Now TCS), Keane India (Now NTT Data) in specialized sales and services focused roles.


Dhananjay Pawar

Director, Quality

DJ brings to CodeData 20+ years of progressive quality leadership experience in web, cloud and mobile in retail, supply chain, telecom and banking. A certified Scrum Master, he brings tons of invaluable experience with automation and data driven testing.


Swas Sur

Executive Director

Swas brings several years of experience in Sales and Marketing to CodeData. She led Marketing and Sales departments for startups in India and Japan and brings a global persepctive to building the team here at CodeData. When she is not working on building the team, Swas is also CodeData's brand ambassador in Japan and Asia Pacific.


Persius Kanga

Advisor, Business Strategy

Persi brings over 20 years experience in innovation across a number of fields. His background includes Technology and Business Management Strategy, Enterprise Platform deployments with expertise in the Financial Services and Insurance verticals along with e-Commerce and Education platform innovation. Persi's innovative approach to business strategy along with his experience in large-scale enterprise deployments will help guide Codedata's strategy. Persi also brings many years of partner and vendor management expertise which will aid Codedata to expand and grow quickly on a global stage.


Chris Beres

Advisor, Customer Success

Chris's 25 year career in enterprise software is built on a foundation at publicly traded technology and Big5 management consulting firms and 7 venture backed startups with 5 successful exits. Chris has deep experience with building, growing and managing successful services businesses to drive company growth and guarantee customer success.