10 day outcome challenge


watch your data

come to life

See how our technology uses your data to deliver a business outcome in 10 days.


what is 10do challenge

With Analytics a big bang approach never works. You want to see results quickly. You want to show results quickly. You want to drive adoption. And move on to the next business case. But you have to start somewhere.

Our 10 Day Outcome Challenge gives you an opportunity to see how we can combine your data with our advanced analytics, machine learning and deep learning technologies to deliver a meaningful business outcome for your business. All in a period of 10 days or less.


Just answer a few simple questions below and sign up!
1. How many locations does your business operate in (including plant and service locations)?
2. Approximately how many people does your business employ across all locations?
3. How many software systems do you have in place for manufacturing, supply chain and service?
4. What is the volume of your data from all the systems above per day?
5. What outcomes do you want to achieve immediately?

How does the process work


Once you sign up, our customer on-boarding team will call you up, mainly to explain the pricing. It is always a small fixed price, so this step goes like a breeze


Identify Business Objective

Our customer on-boarding team works with your team to understand your business objectives and prioritize them. We mutually agree to pick one which is important and can be delivered in a short period.


Understand Data

We will need access to the data necessary to achieve the objective. Data can be in any digital format and will depend on the objective. We can ingest data in most formats - streaming and batch


Prepare Data

We make sure the data is "analytics ready". We may cleanse data, fill in missing values, generate more data etc.



Once we know the objective and the data is ready we do our magic to deliver the outcome you are looking for. This happens in our cloud environment. Your data enters our cloud securely and stays secure. It never leaves our cloud.



On Day 10 our customer on-boarding team will review the results with you.


Frequently Asked questions

What will I achieve?

You will see your data and our technology in action to solve a real business case. We hope this exercise will give you added confidence in our process and technologies to deliver something meaningful to your business in an agile manner.


How much does the Challenge cost?

We ask for a small fixed price.


Why don't you show the price?

Our price varies by geography. Once you sign up our customer success team will get in touch with you immediately and give you the price based on your location.


What format should I send the data in?

You can give the data to us in any format - .csv, text, images, videos, xls, json etc, You could also stream the data to us. The business outcome will decide the volume and type of data. You do not need to extract or transform any data - we will take it from source.


What is my involvement in the process?

Typically in Step Zero and in the Review step. But we are here to answer any questions you may have during the period.