Introducing Makoro™

Manufacturing operations recommendations based on artificial intelligence and digital twin.

Predictive recommendations from Makoro™ increase workforce engagement and reduce risks and costs of operations, equipment maintenance, and repair for asset manufacturers, owners, and operators.

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Makoro™ makes recommendations

Current operations management systems are manual, reactive, and expensive to maintain.

Real-time recommendations from Makoro™ are rooted in Makoro Mind™ – the next-generation Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twin powered recommendation platform, which transforms operations management to :

  • Automated

    Recommendations are delivered automatically and continuously without human intervention.

  • Measurable

    Recommendations Dashboard demonstrates impact on operations performance in real-time.

  • Proactive

    Recommendations are automatically delivered to users based on their roles. No need to search or share.


Go beyond reports and dashboards to real-time insights and recommendations.
Makoro™ recommendations and insights integrate seamlessly into asset management workflows.

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Demonstrate value in real-time.
Recommendations Dashboard provides a real-time view of the impact.
Makoro™ is making to your key asset performance metrics – asset uptime, cost of maintenance, and workforce engagement.

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Drive workforce adoption with simple, natural-Language recommendations.
Makoro™ recommendations are delivered in a language that users understand and can act upon immediately.

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Explore Makoro™ Mind

Makoro™ Mind – the brain behind Makoro™ – combines data with learning models to deliver easy-to-use, natural language recommendations continuously.

1. connect


Build an environment of connected assests and processes.



Acquire data with high performance and low latency.

2. Analyze

AI Governance

Monitor, evaluate and improve models continuously for accuracy and relevance.

Continuous Intelligence

Transform data to recommendations and insights that derive business value in real-time.

Automated Operations

Enable dynamic learning and continuous intelligence.

Dynamic Leraning

Improve recommendations and insights in collaborations with users.

4. Improve

3. Recommend

Recommendations that Continuously Improve Operations Efficiency

4. Improve

Dynamic Leraning

Improve recommendations and insights in collaborations with users.

See Makoro™ in Action

Let us show you what Makoro™ can do for your business.

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  • textile manufacturing

    Textile Manufacturers optimize energy consumptions with Makoro™

    This T&A manufacturer has been faced with long product lead time for fashion items, rising material and labor costs, short product cycles, and reduced profit margins.
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  • glass manufacturers using makoro

    Glass manufacturer optimizes production line with Makoro™

    This glass manufacturer has been using reports and analysis techniques for the last 10 years to understand its production data. They have been using a variety of data
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  • auto parts manufacturing

    Auto parts manufacturer optimizes equipment performance with Makoro™

    Auto parts manufacturers want to continuously improve asset management programs for critical assets by reducing maintenance costs and improving
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